Fresh Produce

Wickham Farms is a family owned and operated company. We specialise in the supply of fresh loose and pre-packed brushed potatoes. Our company and produce is 100% Aussie owned and grown.

Brushed Potatoes

Wickham Farms specialise in an old-fashioned, robust, all-purpose potato. It is an oval-round shape with shallow eyes, white flesh and light skin, and is the most common variety in supermarkets around Australia

There is so much the humble spud offers in a culinary sense, it would be difficult to ever become bored with this versatile potato. It is a great performer, and we guarantee it will consistently give you quality results. 

We also specialise in the Crème Royale potato, an oval variety with shallow eyes, a light yellow skin, and cream flesh.

It has smooth, clear, bright skin and is a good-tasting potato with a moderate dry matter and starch content that makes it ideal for baking, roasting, mashing, boiling, microwaving, and as a general all-rounder.