Fresh Cut Produce

Our products are pre-peeled, cut fresh, vacuum sealed and ready to cook. They are brilliant for catering companies, wholesale food service, and food manufacturers. We have a wide range of cut styles so let us prepare your products for easy catering. Products can be purchased directly from us or through distributors at the Brisbane Markets.

Potato Products

Wickham Farms specialise in an old-fashioned, robust, all-purpose potato. It is an oval-round shape with shallow eyes, white flesh, and light skin, and is the most common variety in supermarkets around Australia.

There is so much the humble spud offers in a culinary sense, it would be difficult to ever become bored with this versatile potato.

This potato is a great performer and we promise it will consistently give you quality results. 

Sweet Potato Products

Beauregard Sweet Potato

This variety is a very popular sweet potato. The Beauregard yields uniform potatoes with tasty, deep-orange flesh that keeps well in storage and resists cracking. This variety bakes, steams, fries, and mashes well, and also caramelizes nicely in the oven.

Onion Products

Wickham Farms specialise in brown onions which have a golden brown skin and creamy flesh. The brown onion is the most widely used onion and is a good all-round onion.

Brown Onions are usually strongly flavoured and are suitable for cooking. Our products are whole peeled or sliced / diced to customer specifications.

Pumpkin Products 

Wickham Farms specialise in Jarradale, Sweet Grey, or Sampson pumpkin. Pumpkin is peeled, quartered and cut into portions or diced to meet customer requirements.