Fresh Cut Potato Products

Whole Peeled Potato

  • Screen sizer is used to size potatoes
  • Small <50mm, Medium 50-60mm, Large >60mm, Mixed size
  • Great for Baking, Roasting, Mashing, Boiling
  • 5Kg Vacuum Sealed

Potato Quarter Cuts

  • 20-30g
  • Skin on – red skin and white skin chat potato
  • Great for Frying, Baking, Roasting

Potato Diced

  • 15mm
  • Great for Boiling, Steaming
  • Mashing 
  • Potato Salad

Potato Sliced

  • 5mm
  • Great for Baking

Fresh Potato Chips

  • chunky chip skin on
  • Great for Frying

Potato Skins

  • Fresh Potato Skins (90 – 50mm Max, 30-50mm Min) (5mm thick min, 10mm thick Max)
  • Great for Frying